What is Corporate Housing?

It’s a term that’s often thrown around with extended stay as well but they aren’t the same thing.


If you’re looking for corporate housing it may be safe to say that you know what it is, right? It’s a term that’s often thrown around with extended stay as well but they aren’t the same thing.

Also keep in mind that while it is called corporate housing it isn’t just for business travelers. It can be your home away from home as it has all the perks of an apartment or condo to go along with the same amenities and services of a hotel chain. Sometimes families are displaced by disasters or in between jobs. It can be a better fit for seasonal travelers as well.

With that being said corporate housing is high tech. Often times they have fax machines, multiple telephone lines, video games, printers and high speed internet. Depending on the place they can also add their own personal packages such as the “Asian Kitchen.” This comes with rice bowls, chopsticks, noodle bowls, rice steamers, teapot and teacups and more such as a stir-fry wok.

In the travel industry it basically means that you will be on the road and renting out a furnished condo, apartment or house temporarily. Corporate housing is growing having brought in $2.73 billion in 2014 (www.chpaonline.org)! Corporate housing has steadily grown over the last 20 years. There are around 61,000 units in the United States while the average stay has increased to 96 nights, up from 83 nights. The current occupancy rate is 88.6% while relocation is the main reason for people to stay in a corporate housing location. Project and company training was also a big reason for corporate housing.

Corporate housing often times has more square footage but costs less than a hotel. It also offers customer service and are used for stays averaging one month or more and often times at least 80 days. Corporate housing is a much more stable housing environment as well. Corporate housing companies are fully furnished and can come with several other amenities and are kept clean in between clients coming and going.

It has everything you need for you to live comfortably away from your own home. There are also service packages you can choose from depending on where you end up staying. Corporate housing serves the following industries:

  • healthcare
  • insurance
  • consulting
  • government
  • information technology
  • financial
  • engineering
  • Any other industry you can think of

They can also be called serviced apartments, executive rentals, executive suites, temporary housing and furnished apartments. One of the greatest perks of corporate housing is that you can get three times the space of a hotel to go along with all the amenities.  There are usually onsite laundry facilities and usually strategically located near entertainment, shopping and night life. You don’t have to disrupt your needs or your routine to live in corporate housing.

If you have a family the best choice you can possibly make is corporate housing. In a hotel room you don’t get any privacy. In corporate housing you can and at a much cheaper price than a hotel.

The amenities are there as well. You can find corporate housing with a kitchen, deck, gym, inside unit laundry, fireplace, hot tubs, pools, home cooked meals and more depending on the place you stay. You can even save money by cooking your own meals instead of having to go out and eat all the time.

Corporate housing is fast getting a reputation for it’s excellent service. You can also pay one bill that covers everything including your electric bill, internet, cable, gas, furniture and phone.

An extended stay hotel is also referred to as an apartment hotel or residential hotel. It is often located in an apartment complex that uses a hotel system to book it’s clients. It’s the same as renting out an apartment but there are no fixed contracts and you can check out whenever you want to.

People stay for a few days or sometimes even years! Extended stay hotels can most closely resemble a studio apartment. There is a bed, a bathroom and a kitchen area. Everything you need is there for you.

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Where Should I Vacation This Winter?

When it comes to choosing your next winter vacation, the decision depends on a number of factors:

  • The budget – having to travel on a limited budget is no longer an obstacle. If you start looking early, you can find discounted travel fares even to the remotest exotic island and cheap accommodation is also easy to come by if you have enough time on your hand15605398 - beach accessories. concept of summer vacations.

    before the planned date of departure;

  • Mountain or sea – this is probably the first thing you need to decide before further narrowing the list of destinations to visit. Texas is a great place to visit during the winter months, you can find quality extended stay suites in San Antonio for affordable vacations;
  • Natural sites or cityscapes – winter vacations can be just as great in a rustic environment as in a busy city, so it all comes down to your preferences;
  • Inland or abroad – another important aspect to make up your mind about and also directly linked to the previous issue. Fortunately, the US is so large, its geography is so varied that you don’t have to travel abroad to enjoy the blue of the sea or the snow of the highest mountains, but if you want to see how people live in other parts of the world, choose the country to visit and then start looking for travel tickets and accommodation right away.


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Vacation Spots to Visit in Texas

Whether it is breathtaking cityscapes, natural attractions or historical sites that you are looking for, Texas has it all. Here are a few vacation spots that you should not miss if you come to visit the Lone Star State:


  • Visit the beaches – fine sand on the shore, blue skies and an even bluer sea are all there to help you relax in Texas. Padre Island has over 70 mile of pristine beach area where you can see turtles nesting, while Crystal Beach is the best place if you are looking for a spot well-known for its nightlife;
  • Visit the Space Center in Houston – the museum features unique exhibits such as moon rocks and will introduce you to the history of space explorations with fun shows and guided tours;
  • Visit the San Antonio Riverwalk – the most popular tourist spot in Texas, the Riverwalk combines an artsy and relaxed atmosphere with the best food and the best fun. The place is open the year around and it never rests – whenever you come here, you will get the chance to visit festivals, artisan shows and parades and the weather is always the best. There are many wonderful vacation rentals in San Antonio too, so be sure to check them out;
  • Mission San Jose – take a glimpse into the rich history of Texas by touring the mission built in 1720.

Article source here: Vacation Spots to Visit in Texas

Money Saving Tips for Your Vacation

Everybody loves travelling, but many people don’t even dare to dream about exotic destinations, thinking they cannot afford the journey. Fortunately, it does not have to be so. The following money saving tips have been extensively tested and are now offered to help everyone visit the destination of their dream, no matter how small their travel budget is:

  • Huge discounts on travel fares for those who plan ahead – you can nowadays travel to even the remotest destination in the world for a few dollars, all you need to do is to start looking for tickets as early as possible. Research the airlines that operate flights to the30451200 - 3d render of blue save money button isolated on white background

    destination you want to visit and take a look their websites every day, check travel websites for discounted fares regularly – the longer you have until the date you want to leave for your vacation, the more likely it is that you will find a suitable promotion;

  • Accommodation – leaving home without having accommodation booked at your destination can be risky and it is not suitable for families, but wherever you go, you can probably find plenty of cheap rooms that are not advertised online or through travel agents. Dwelling Suites is another great resource offering San Antonio corporate housing options as well.
  • Travel off the peak tourist season – accommodation rates, even restaurant prices are significantly lower off-season and vacation destinations are not so crowded during off-peak periods.

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Corporate Housing Options – Comfortable Accommodation to Return to After a Hard Day at Work

Corporate housing is accommodation that the company’s employees can use for short or medium-term stays such as for a few months. Corporate housing solutions combine the comfort of private apartments with the services, convenience and the availability of services – here are some of the possible options:

  • Extended stay hotels – this residential-style accommodation is provided by budget hotels and offers not only lodgings, but services such as cleaning, housekeeping, laundry and parking;
  • Serviced apartments – these are fully equipped and furnished apartments San Antonio offers with complete kitchens and living rooms, with facilities such as room service and fitness centers available for corporate employees. The size of the apartments range from single-room lodgings to multiple-bedroom housing that can be comfortably shared by the employees of the renting company;
  • Furnished apartments – the difference between this form of accommodation and standard rentals is that furnished apartments are available for shorter stays, such as a few weeks or months;
  • Standard hotel rooms – the most expensive solution of all corporate housing options, but even so, it is one that is frequently chosen by corporations, especially for members of the leadership or of the board or for high-profile managers. It is a good solution for really short stays that last for only a few days.

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Where are Best Restaurants in San Antonio, Texas – Districts and Neighborhoods

San Antonio is a wonderful city not only when it comes to things to do and see, but also when it comes to food – the second largest city in Texas offers not only traditional local food and Tex-Mex dishes, but it also has specialized restaurants that offer the best international dishes – here are some of the best districts to look for a restaurant:

  • Downtown – the district with the highest concentration of attractions is also the neighborhood where the city’s famous River Walk is located, with its diverse and stylish restaurants and eateries;
  • Southtown is an artsy district with beautiful Victorian era buildings that accommodate classy restaurants;
  • Northeast Side – a suburban district with large shopping malls and a varied range of restaurants, most of them excellent and very friendly places;
  • Far West Side – the fastest-growing district in San Antonio gives home to many restaurant chain facilities.

Whether it is fajitas and tacos, stakes, seafood, fine dining, Mediterranean dishes, Thai, Chinese, Brazilian or Japanese food that you are looking for, whether you prefer small, family-owned restaurants, you are planning a romantic evening with your loved one in an elegant, high-end restaurant or you are just looking for a quick bite, San Antonio will not let you down.  Staying in one of our fabulous San Antonio vacation rentals puts you in the heart of all these wonderful restaurants.


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Why Consider Short-Term Housing for Your Next Vacation?

If you are currently planning your vacation and you are looking for accommodation that will not burden your budget, but will allow you to enjoy a comfort similar to the comfort of your home, short-term housing options are excellent alternatives to expensive hotels – here are some of the most important benefits:

  • Save money, usually a considerable amount – choosing a short-term rental for your vacation makes the most cost-efficient solution, especially if you are traveling with a large family;
  • Comfortable accommodation that feels like home – short-term rentals are usually very well-equipped and also regularly maintained, so you will be able to enjoy the benefits of fully functional appliances and utilities during your stay;
  • Many short-term rentals offer services such as laundry, housekeeping or concierge to increase the comfort of the guests;
  • Variety – the short-term housing market is huge and varied. Furnished and equipped properties come in all types and sizes from villas, apartments, condos, single-family homes or townhouses;
  • You can socialize or preserve your privacy, it is your choice – short-term rentals offer much more than the impersonal environment of a hotel or resort, allowing you to meet new people and to make new friends, with your landlord of with the other guests, but you can also choose to keep to yourself.

No matter what type of housing you need, Dwelling Suites offers extended stay suites San Antonio area for affordable prices.  The properties are well taken care of and make your stay an enjoyable one.

Article source here: Why Consider Short-Term Housing for Your Next Vacation?

The Advantages of Extended Stay Hotels

Extended stay hotels provide all the comfort that you need for affordable rates, making these facilities the preferred choice of those who need accommodation for a period that is longer than a few days, but are not looking for a permanent housing solution, such as for business people or for people who have moved out of their previous apartment and are waiting for their new home to be finished. Here are just a few of the advantages of these great budget hotels or motels:

  • Convenience – extended stay hotel rooms are fully equipped and include not only air conditioning, cable TV and internet access, but towels, toilet paper, garbage bags and other small items, giving you all the comfort you need during your stay and most of them also have their own parking lots that you can use without having to pay any extra;
  • Services – most hotels include housekeeping, cleaning and laundry services into their rates, so you will not need to do any housework while you are there,
  • Central locations – most extended stay hotels are located either downtown or in districts close to the town or city center, adding to the benefits of San Antonio corporate housing;
  • Extended stay hotels pay extra attention to security, guaranteeing safety for you as well as for your valuables.

Article source here: The Advantages of Extended Stay Hotels